Asian Antagonists From Green Ronin

Cover of Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts Just in time to compliment the new Oriental Adventures, a creature book from Green Ronin is planned that will provide all the beasts an Asian campaign could need. Called Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts, the book is a grand collaborative effort, boasting artists like Quinton Hoover and Tony DiTerlizzi, and the writing talents of Wolfgang Baur, Chris Pramas, Erik Mona, Steven E. Schend, and an introduction and featured monster by David “Zeb” Cook. Listen to what lurks inside:

Forest demons, heavenly dragons, shapeshifting foxes, and hungry ghosts thirsty for revenge — all stalk forth from the legends of Asia! Surprise players with bell spirits, bat-ninjas, demonic oni, the Chinese Phoenix, and the legendary Monkey King! These all-new monsters thrive in every environment from bamboo forests to samurai castles, from raging oceans to mist-enshrouded mountains, and from the depths of Hell to the harmony of Heaven.

The 64 page book will arrive this September, and retail for $14.95.

Rune Encounters Appearing in Magazines This Summer
Atlas Games recently announced that two Rune “cushion” encounters will be published in magazines this summer. Game Trade Monthly (the Alliance distributor catalog) will have an introductory encounter, Goblin Goodies Galore, and Games Unplugged will present A Test of Viking Virtue. Both should be available in time for GenCon, and are written by Rune line editor Michelle Nephew.