A Green GenCon

Green Ronin has a pair of releases that will be showing up at GenCon (though you could always order them through Wizard’s Attic). Both Hell in Freeport and the D20 System Character Record Folio will storm GenCon like angry samurai. For those who won’t be attending the convention, Green Ronin has posted a web enhancement for Legions of Hell that features four new prestige classes. If those classes aren’t enough, the new issue of Focus on Freeport converts the Devil Slayer, Diabolist, Inquisitor, and Hellblade into 3rd Edition from the AD&D Guide to Hell.Lastly, for the September release of Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts, “the last of the art is rolling in and everything is looking great.” One of the guys in my gaming group will be happy to hear his favorite CCG artist, Heather Hudson, has joined in on the supplement.