The Haps at Cheapass

Fresh from their Origins Award wins a few weeks ago, is headed into GenCon at full steam. U.S. Patent Number One,a time machine game, will be released in August, and a new six-button expansion called Button Men: Samurai will reach stores in early September. Can’t wait that long for your button fix? Then grab a copy of the GenCon program book, which will contain a rare Samurai (Tsusuko) plus a character from Girl Genius: The Works (Jorgi). You should have already grabbed buttons of all three Brawl: Catfight girls from the Origins book.

On the legal front, Cheapass has been asked by MGM to stop selling Before I Kill You, Mister Bond because it “capitalizes too much on [MGM’s] trademarked character.” Say it ain’t so! 😉 Pick up your copy while you still can, as Cheapass will stop selling the game after August 31.

And of course the Cheapass crew will engage in their usual chaotic behavior. According to the website, Cheapass “will be doing all kinds of neat stuff like Live Action Devil Bunny and Live Action Witch Trial. If you’re lucky we’ll be running some Live Action Unexploded Cow too.” Sounds messy. If you’re attending that game, wear a poncho.