Green Ronin Gets Arcane

In October, Green Ronin will present Arcana: Societies of Magic, a D20 sourcebook on mystic organizations, secret or otherwise. Written by Kevin Brennan and James Maliszewski, this promises to be a good one. Here’s the details:

Arcana: Societies of Magic details six different organizations that employ unique styles of magic to achieve their ends. The description of each society includes information of the group’s history, goals, hierarchy, and leaders, as well as a map of its headquarters. New skills, feats, spells and prestige classes make it a complete package.

The supplement will sell for $14.95.

Gaming Outpost Joins Fiction Fantasy Network
The Fiction Fantasy Network announced today that the game news site Gaming Outpost will join its ranks. As GO recently changed to a subscription based service for articles and some other features, it will be interesting to see how this development affects the site.