Fading Suns Goes D20

In a press release, Holistic Design let the world know that their stylish Fading Suns RPG setting will make the leap to the D20 System this November. Not only that, but “Fading Suns: D20 will include Open Gaming rules for high-tech devices and artifacts, ranging from blasters and energy shields to cybernetics.” Fading Suns already has elements of science fiction, fantasy and horror. As Bill Bridges, Fading Sun’s line developer, put it, “What better way to grow the Open Gaming community than a game that includes both swords and blasters, theurgy and cybertech, starships and divine artifacts?” The six-year-old, highly detailed setting will reach D20 in the form of a softcover sourcebook, and retail for $25.

White Wolf’s Ravenloft Cover Posted
The cover art and catalog listing for White Wolf’s new Ravenloft D20 book is posted, and it looks great. Streamlined, creepy look. Go take a look if you’re interested.