Preview Article For Lord of the Rings

Decipher has posted an article on The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, due to come out in February 2002. The rulebook will be 288 full-color pages, and make use of the CODA system, the rules designed for Decipher’s upcoming Star Trek RPG. Check out the full preview article here.

Cheapass Tech
Two new games just became available at Cheapass Games: , which was available at GenCon, and . We’ve mentioned the time-traveling race that is Patent #1 before, but not this worm game. Apparently, Plasmaworm is Cheapass’ first arcade game. Yep, for a computer. Described as “the old favorite snake game with incredible graphics and a couple new twists,” the game is for one or two players, has 20 increasingly tough levels, and lets you make your own levels as well. Mac users are out of luck, but those with a PC can get the demo.

Expect Snow. A Lot Of It.
Avalanche Press has added three more D20 sourcebooks to their release schedule: Twilight of Atlantis, Vlad the Impaler: Blood Prince of Wallachia and Doom of Odin. The title of that last one confused me, seeing as how Avalanche is currently releasing Ragnarok: Tales of the Norse Gods (I mean, isn’t Ragnarok typically the end of those gods? I’ll have to look into this). Beyond those, AP is working on Face of the Divine, a book of religions from the real world for D&D 3. All of that is in addition to the latest Avalanche book to feature a piece of “hot chick” artwork on the cover, Jade & Steel: Role-Playing in Mythic Imperial China, which should be out this month. It seems the D20 System’s trip to the Orient has begun, so you’d better stand back as the floodgates open. I’m glad to see someone taking on China in D20, as Japan tends to get the majority of attention.