More Fun With D20 CD-ROMs

September 27th, 2001: Mike Sugarbaker says...
More Fun With D20 CD-ROMs

Two new D20 modules, Tapestry Saga – Web of the Widow (based in Columbia Games‘ world of Hârn) and Dark Awakenings: Guardian, feature CD-ROM material by the folks at Auran. The Hârn one seems to be CD-ROM only, but Auran’s own adventure is a 60-page book with full-color inserts and handouts, plus a CD. Both CDs feature full-3D virtual environments of settings from the module, as well as ambient sounds, for use during the game. Printable PDF material and non-adventure background is all there as well. Web of the Widow is the equivalent of a 120-page book, so as long as people know that, they might be willing to swallow its higher-than-average price ($20). It’s available now from Columbia’s site. The thinner Dark Awakenings might be tougher for people to swallow at $25, but at least it does have a paper book. And that trailer sure does look nice. Now, if you could get lead minis into those 3D tableaus, then you’d be rolling…

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