Citizen Games Announces Dungeoneer

It comes out in March, it’s a “customizable board game” built on a grid of cards, with no collectible elements. The press release describes it thus: “you play the part of a Hero adventuring through a dangerous labyrinth of Monsters, Magic and Treasure. It is fast, portable, and easy to learn!” And here are some pictures and details. (That’s an unusually zaftig elf chick there; right on. Give her a higher Brawn stat.) The designers are Tom Denmark and Morgan Gray. This sounds sort of interesting but isn’t coming out for a while… the “portable” part is making me think of those plastic-cased card decks Allan found at the bed-and-bath store. I remember back when was new, I was wishing for something like a clip-on belt holster for a deck, to enhance the feeling that two people who spotted each other wearing one could just “whip it out” and play a game wherever and whenever. Having to plan a “game night” all the time and coordinate everyone’s schedules is beginning to irritate me. Anyway.

Battle Cattle Card Game Sneak Peek
You might have seen a couple of Battle Cattle preview cards if you picked up the Car Wars card game reissue, but Wingnut has put up more card images, so you can see for yourself just how bad this is going to get. Yes, once again: the two games are compatible. Excelsior!