Suing D20 Companies For Fun and Profit

Roleplaying e-zine The Scribe has just posted an interview with Steve Perrin, famed co-designer of RuneQuest and other systems. In answer to one of the questions about the D20 craze, Mr Perrin wrote “I hope the various companies will sue D20 projects to fund other work, but we’ll see.” I’m gonna assume he meant “use” instead of “sue,” though the sentence is much more interesting as written.

L5R Plans Pseudo-Announced
D.J. Trindle, L5R Line Editor at AEG, has posted a detailed explanation of the company’s D20 plans, of how Rokugan got to be so massive, and when we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled L5R game products.

Twilight: 2000 & 2300 A.D. To Be Reprinted
Far Future Enterprises, home of the legendary Marc Miller, has gained the rights to the classic sci-fi RPGs Twilight:2000 and 2300 A.D. The entire product line for each game, including articles from Challenge Magazine, will be reprinted in 320-page volumes. The first book for Twilight: 2000 will come out in March 2002, while the first book for 2300 A.D. will arrive in October 2002.