Fast Forward Moves… um, Forward

Fast Forward Entertainment has announced plans for their next three D20 supplements. Looks like they’re making a play for the title of “Most D20 pages published in Q4.”

  • Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils ($29.99; Ships Nov 12) – 224 page hardcover with all manner of demons and devils.
  • Rings of Power ($26.99; Ships Dec 3) – 160 page hardcover with more than 75 magical rings. Each has “a complete history and … enough story hooks to create entire adventures.” There also appears to be a tie-in with real jewelers, who created actual versions of the rings that can be purchased.
  • Swords of Power ($29.99; Ships Feb 11, 2002) – 224 page book of over 100 mystical swords, done in the same style as RoP, including a similar tie-in with actual sword-makers.

Sounds like the Power supplements are trying to appeal to LARPers as well… or to gamers with way too much money.