I Got Your Forgotten Realms Right Here

October 23rd, 2001: Mike Sugarbaker says...
I Got Your Forgotten Realms Right Here

Allan and I always used to talk about how cool it would be to write a regular gaming feature about all the games that languish unplayed in the back of our closets… the longer the better. We were going to call it The Gamer’s Closet, and it would be all about the hilarity that ensued when we actually tried to playtest some of these old things. To make characters, at least. We’d talk about doing this, then we’d realize that it would mean playing Space Opera, and we’d all get a chill and start talking about something else.

However, the fine people at Gamegrene are running a sort of unofficial column (which makes us the last gaming website not to have at least one high-concept, extremely sporadic column) called The Forgotten, or Forgotten Games, or something. They aren’t playing them, but they are writing amusingly about Boot Hill and, just today, Gamma World. I’d like to see them write with a little more depth, myself, but maybe it really isn’t all that necessary. Boy, TSR produced an amazing amount of stuff back in the day – I’m surprised at how much I remember seeing on the shelves of Kit & Caboodle. We hereby encourage this kind of archaeology. Now I’ve just got to write that review of Gammarauders…

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