Details on Cheapass’ Diceland

James Ernest, proud father of a baby girl as of yesterday (congratulations to you and Carol!), released details of the long-awaited Cheapass project Diceland to the Cheapasses mailing list today:

Diceland is a tabletop game played with large paper dice, about 2 inches to a side. It’s a cross between a traditional miniatures game and billiards. It will be “modular,” meaning that you can customize your army, but it will not be “collectible,” meaning randomly sorted in booster packs. You get the whole expansion in the box, like a set of Button Men or BRAWL decks. […]

The first edition […] will contain 25 dice in five “crews” of five. The dice are printed in full color and die cut, and are designed to assemble easily and come apart easily, but only when you want them to. […]

[…] We are hoping to have at least a preview of the game at GAMA in March, if not the finished product. We are tentatively planning a major Diceland event at Origins.

You know those cool paper calendar things some companies give out, that are sort of hex-ish but not actually 12-sided, and have the rubber band in the middle so they pop up? Cooool. He’s not using those or anything. But still. Cooool.