OgreCave Secretly Plants Manifesto In Fiery Dragon Module

Fiery Dragon Productions has released an adventure I heartily endorse, despite never having read it: The Giant’s Skull. Why do I put OgreCave’s Seal of Approval (TM) on this one? Well, I read the description, of course.

Not only can the players portray the heroes who must retrieve a valuable artifact from the brutish ogres living nearby, but a second scenario can unfold where the players take on the parts of the ogres, attempting to punish the human raiders once and for all!

Giving the ogres a chance for payback, eh? Excellent. The adventurers of the world need to learn that us ogres aren’t going to take their crap anymore. The first adventure is for four 10th level characters. The second is for 5th level Ogres, characters for which are included. Fiery Dragon also posted a pdf of errata from the adventure.

Reap the Whirlwind
WizKids he latest Mage Knight expansion, Whirlwind, is now available. The new set “introduces the Mage Spawn-controlling Shyft faction, the powerful Krugg race, and twelve new special abilities.” And there was much rejoicing.