Lord of the Rings CCG Released

Decipher announced yesterday that the Lord of the Rings CGG is available. Go on, go get it. I’ll wait.

Adios A-Mi-Go Says Hello Again
Pinnacle‘s long out of print Dime Novel for Deadlands, the cult classic Adios, A-Mi-Go is available once again in PDF form. The Deadlands/Call of Cthulhu adventure includes conversion rules for the two systems, giving Marshals the opportunity to make the Weird West a far more frightening place.

On the horizon, Pinnacle has individual Deadlands minis, The Way of the Huckster for Deadlands D20, the printed version of Epitaph 3, and two Weird Wars supplements, Dead from Above and Hell in the Hedgerows. All should be available in the next couple of months.