Mongoose To Release Judge Dredd RPG

Mongoose Publishing just let us know about their acquisition of the exclusive licence to produce RPG products based on the 2000 AD Comics. What this means to you is ’round GenCon next year (August), you should watch for the Judge Dredd RPG to hit stores, a fully-supported D20 System game that will bring Mega-City One to your gaming table. Here’s what Mongoose is telling us thus far:

Players will have the opportunity to take on the role of either a near-invincible Judge or be part of an expanding criminal organisation as a perp. Rapid reinforcements to the Judge Dredd RPG will include exciting supplements giving never before seen information on all the Mega-Cities of the world, notorious perps and creeps, resources of the Justice Department, the Apocalypse War and much, much more.

Shortly after coming out with Judge Dredd, Mongoose will be releasing the Slaine RPG, “based in the Celtic world of the Warrior King.”