Green Ronin Announces Master Class Series

Green Ronin Publishing has announced their plans for a Master Class line in 2002. The series will introduce a new core class to the d20 System in each volume, providing new skills, feats, equipment, spells, organizations, and the ever-popular prestige classes. Here’s a quick rundown of how the series will take shape:

The first Master Class book, the Shaman’s Handbook by Shadowrun novelist and Dragon Magazine regular Steve Kenson, debuts in March. Over the rest of 2002 the line will expand to include the Monster Slayer’s Handbook by Runequest author Steve Perrin, the Witch’s Handbook by the prolific Steve Kenson, and the Assassin’s Handbook by former Dragon Magazine editor and Dark Matter creator Wolfgang Baur.

Why the Assassin’s Handbook when assassins are already in the D20 system as a prestige class? “Old fans remember when you could play as assassin at 1st level and we aim to make that an option again,” explained Chris Pramas, Green Ronin’s founder. “And Wolf wrote Assassin Mountain for AD&D campaign setting Al-Qadim, so he’s the perfect man for the job.”