Hogshead Update

Hogshead Publishing has let the world know that the release of Nobilis will be delayed slightly to January. In the meantime, we can all grab our copies of DeProfundis to ravenously read through and fondle, as it is now available. I mean, if James Wallis says “It is the most brilliant piece of games writing I’ve read in a long time,” I’m gonna check it out, aren’t you?

Arkham Horror And Other Wonderful Plans
Chaosium made several announcements on their site recently, which were upbeat and hopeful while looking to 2002. Among the product announcements made was Pulp Cthulhu, an action-oriented 1930s setting for the Cthulhu D20 book coming in March from Wizards of the Coast. Other products mentioned as “in the works” were a Japan sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu (Japanese horrors? *shudder*), a modern day Arkham sourcebook, a gorgeous revised version of Dreamlands, a San Francisco Guidebook, and various other products. Hidden at the tail end of Chaosium’s update they make public mention of something Charlie clued me into a while back: there are plans for a 15th anniversary edition of the Arkham Horror boardgame, one of the hardest to find, most sought after Cthulhu products ever. Sound good to you? Me too.