RPGnet Awards Announced

The other site I work at, RPGnet, has announced the winners of the 2001 RPGnet Awards, also known as the Buzzies. These awards give recognition to the image, promotion and creation of products in the RPG industry. And the winners are:

  • Most Anticipated Pre-launch of a Game: Lord of the Rings RPG by Steve Long (Decipher)
  • Most Disturbing/Controversial Game Book: Little Fears by Jason Blair (Key 20 Designs)
  • Best Layout in an RPG Book or Magazine: Star Wars by Bill Slavisceck, Andy Collins & JD Wiker (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Most Gratuitous Cover: Ragnarok: Tales of the Norse Gods by Avalanche Press
  • Best Free RPG: New Risus by S. John Ross
  • Best New Gaming Software: Hero Machine by Jeff Herbert
  • Most Silly Metaplot in a New Game: NinjaBurger by Michael Fiegel and friends (9th Level Games)
  • Most Bizarre Setting: Big Ears, Small Mouse by John Nowak (Guardians of Order)

It’s too bad RPGnet didn’t establish a category for Most Ridiculous Title, as that would have to go to The Magic Dump. Yes, now that I think about it, a monkey god would create that. It is a god, after all.