New Mage Knight Dragon Scenarios

WizKids have declared this to be Dragon Month (in mid-December? Must be that new math). Each Friday for the next three weeks, the WizKids website will be posting a Mage Knight scenario that revolves around one of those big-ass dragon figures. Why post these scenarios (aside from the coolness factor, that is)? According to the press release, “Part of the reason for giving you these scenarios is to prepare you for the new large scale Mage Knight rules that will be coming out in a few months, and partially because it’s a lot of fun to play a dragon!” The first scenario, “Raze,” is already available, in both WORD and PDF files.

In A One-Horse Open Slay…
It has come to our attention that most of you haven’t even noticed our subtle change in decor. Yep, Santa’s out exploring and hunting for gold pieces. How’d you think Santa pays his elves? Them union workers ain’t cheap.