Buy It! It's On Sale, That's Why!

Well, actually, you should buy it because it’s been the most commonly-played game out of everything I’ve been bringing to game nights over the past three months. It’s called Laguna, and it’s German. Its regular game page on Funagain is here if you want to see pictures, but if you’re reading this in 2002 or later, be advised that you missed a sweet . Laguna is a bit like a real-time RoboRally – I know, that has a bunch of you heading for the aisles already, but it’s not anywhere near as convoluted as RR, so stay with me. Players control “rafts” – little wood rectangles with six holes in them – and try to ferry marbles of their color into a volcano in the center of the board. Marbles you carry cover holes in your raft, which is good, because if a “current” arrow on the board’s grid shows up through your raft, you’ve got to follow it, and if a reef shows up, the rest of your 30-second turn (a sand timer is included) will go to the next player. It’s not so time-pressured as to be out-of-control, and it leads to a lot of very engaged path-finding and occasional resigned meandering. Pick it up, and something else if you feel like it and want to be nice to us.