The First Seal Is Broken? Then Why’d I Bother Coming Back To Work?

Tyranny Games has informed us that to announce the upcoming release of the d20 system RPG, The End: Lost Souls Edition, “Pestilence stalks the Earth once again. As The End approaches, Pestilence and its agents bring old and new plagues to the world. New strains of Smallpox, Ebola, and Influenza mix with the mysterious new Gold virus to herald The End.” Umm, yikes. Most companies throw a party or something when they release a game, but the folks at Tyranny seem to be going all out. Further updates to the apocalyptic countdown as each seal is broken, as well as other preview art and background stuff, can be found on the official page for The End.

Roleplaying Tips Issues #102, #103, #104 Suddenly Appear
Actually, subscribers received the issues right on time while Johnn Four was on vacation, but now the issues are online and everything’s caught up at Roleplaying Tips, everyone can have a look. Here’s the links to the issues in question:

Head over and catch up on your GMing hints.