Wizards To Publish New Star Wars CCG

As we reported last Friday, the current incarnation of the Star Wars CCG is in peril, as Decipher revealed that Lucasfilm did not renew their license. We also reported that Wizards of the Coast appeared to be the — um, force driving Lucasfilm’s decision. Well, sure enough, WotC just announced their plans to release a new Star Wars TCG in April (which is right after Decipher’s sell-off period for the old game). Wizards has brought out Richard Garfield for a show of force (there’s that word again), but from the admittedly vague wording of the press release, Garfield seems to have designed the game with the same flaw I disliked in the Decipher game: you need one Light Side player, and one Dark Side player. *sigh* Well, at least George Lucas’ Hasbro stock will be getting him a bit extra on his own properties, and WotC can finally claim revenge on Decipher for snagging the Star Trek RPG license back when WotC bought Last Unicorn.

Still, seems like a bad idea all around. But that’s just me.