Beware Of Geeks Bearing Gifts?

I admit that all I really know is that Avalanche Press offered several gaming-press websites, via email, the opportunity to host an image of the cover of their new D20 pirate supplement, Black Flag: Pirates of the Caribbean. They may get a phone call from Disney sometime soon, but anyway, the only website we know of that took AP up on their offer has since removed the image. Perhaps it’s because their ISP is saying Ouchie. When I first read the offering email, I thought, I’ve got to hand it to Avalanche: they know how to save on their bandwidth bills. If you’ve got a cheesecake image that will cause your server to get hammered, “let” the press host it for you! Of course, that’s only one possible way it could have happened, but as Bullwinkle once said, “Funnier my way.”

Freeport: The Rough Guide!
In less sordid art-related news, the well-dressed folks at Green Ronin have just posted some preview artwork for their upcoming hardcover sourcebook Freeport: The City of Adventure.