Z-Man Announces Playmark Book Game For April

Though gamebook-style games are normally Demian’s jurisdiction, I’ll risk a story about a new product coming from Z-Man Games this April. Warchon will be the first installment of Z-Man’s Playmark Book Game (or PBG, very different than a PBJ), which will have two characters fighting within the pages of a book. The characters will each come on a separate bookmark, or “playmark.” No dice, no character sheets, just page flipping, playmarking, and combat. This first book will be a fantasy scenario “featuring the epic battles between the Paladins of the Celestine Order and the Azuthkan desert savages with their demonic allies.” Z-Man Games’ President Zev Shlasinger emphasized that “The Warchon PBG is a strategy game. It is not a pick-a-path adventure book.” Interesting. How similar will this be to Flying Buffalo’s Lost World gamebooks? Guess we’ll find out in April.