Great Gobs Of Glorantha

As if spurred into action by my post earlier today, Issaries, Inc has three announcements fans should be aware of. First, as Glorantha fans (you are Glorantha fans, aren’t you?), you already know about Greg Stafford’s Pre-Finished Works (ordered through Wizard’s Attic). Well, now fans in the UK can order those same compilations through The Unspoken Word.

Secondly, Barbarian Adventures, the first book in the Sartar Rising campaign series, is due to ship from Wizard’s Attic on January 22 (hey, that’s next Tuesday). The second in the series, Orlanth is Dead!, will follow in March.

Finally, Issaries has arranged for Glorantha swag to be sold through There’s a main Glorantha store, an Orlanthi store, and a Lunar store. Get yer mugs, t-shirts and mousepads while the runes are still fresh.