Misguided Update

Misguided Games is continuing to crank out the freebies in anticipation of their dieselpunk fantasy RPG, Children of the Sun. Heading up a new creatures page is the Wraith Monkeys. As I always say, everything’s better with a monkey. On their new downloads page, a desktop image of the upcoming game’s cover art is available in multiple resolutions. Hmm… my desktop could use some sprucing up…

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #107, Plus A Bit
Okay, I’ve been slacking here, so let me get you caught up. Issue #105 of Roleplaying Tips Weekly brings you six tips on romance in RPGs. No, I said “six”; keep your mind on gaming, okay? Issue #106 is a recipe for planning a great game session in two hours or less. Finally, this week’s issue #107 provides ideas on how to make the best handouts and props to give your players.