Mage Knight Conquest, And Other WizKids Activities

WizKids continues to build momentum with Mage Knight Conquest. Conquest provides mass combat rules for Mage Knight, allowing players to use armies of 500 – 3,500 per side and still finish in about two hours. The Conquest rules are available on WizKids’ game rules page, and will serve to prep MK players for the printed Conquest set coming in April. At that point, the full rules will include a tournament structure outline, scenarios, and campaign rules, and will come with three new siege weapon figures: a Black Powder Rebel Cannon, an Elemental League Ballista, and an Orc Raider Catapult. The package will carry a retail price of $19.95, and will provide an excellent foil to the various Mage Knight Castle sets coming in March. Man, the tower and gatehouse look nice. I may have to invest in some new RPG props soon. Mad props, yo.

Meanwhile, Mage Knight Dungeons is getting an excellent response from gamers I’ve spoken with. To be honest, I may have to get in on this one. The HeroQuest-ish concept is right up my alley. For those who enjoy some dungeoneering with their minis, a complete figure list has been posted. Start making your checklist.

This May, we can expect to see the following releases from Wiz Kids:Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge starters and boosters, the superhero CMG with rules by Monte Cook; the Radiant Light Dragon for MK; and the Official Collector’s Guide to Mage Knight Vol.2.