Faerie Cheesecake, Anyone?

I’ve just had a look at the d20 supplement Dramatis Personae from new company Archangel Studios, and despite the buxom faerie chick on the front cover, I have to say I’m impressed with this product’s style. Subtitled Campaign Ready NPCs, the book has 24 NPCs ready to use, each illustrated by the comic book artists responsible for The Red Star. The artwork and layout of the book is excellent; everything’s easy to read and find, the text flows well, complimented by graphics rather than interrupted by them. The book is rounded out with eight pages of magic items, spells, and a pair of feats.

So there’s my impressions after flipping through the book. I’ll get back to you after I actually read it. 🙂

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #108
The latest issue of Roleplaying Tips Weekly suggests enriching your campaign world by fleshing out the ruling class. Some reader submitted tips on creating attractive/effective props are in there too.