Necromancer Animating New Products Soon

Next month, Necromancer Games will bring us the 96-page Tomb of Aybsthor. The adventure centers on the desecrated tomb of the goddess of paladins, testing the mettle of characters level 2 to 8 or higher. Any tomb romp is worth looking into in my book.

As a teaser for Rappan Athuk 3, Necromancer has posted the cover art. Will this section of the infamous dungeon be a bit deadlier? Oh, judging by the image of Orcus and a pair of multi-armed demon ladies on the cover, I’d say so. Rappan Athuk 3 describes “the 13 deepest levels of this evil dungeon – including the lair of the Demon Prince Orcus himself!” Expect this epic dungeoncrawl/deathtrap to arrive in April.

Necromancer will also be bringing us Gary Gygax’s Necropolis, a monstrous 224-page hardback sourcebook. Everything from new cleric domains, dozens of spells, gods, monsters, templates, classes are included in this campaign resource. A black & white version of the product ad shows us what the cover will look like. For characters of levels 12 to 18, this mega-adventure will arrive in June.