Details on Unknown Armies Second Edition, More

John Tynes‘ weblog, Dispatches from Revland, is a particularly good thing to read right now. It features copious details about the upcoming second edition of Unknown Armies (including a tentative completion date of April), the cover of said edition, a nugget of joy from the RPGnet forums, and a couple of true stories that are simply amazing. The one thing you should know about the UA book (that is, the one thing you should know if you prefer not to follow links and simply remain here, basking in the glory of the Cave) is that the book is structured in four parts. You know how many RPG books have the first section for players and the section for GMs? UA2 will have section 1 for players in campaigns where they aren’t supposed to know that much… then another section for players who know a little more… then a section for players who really see inside things… then the GM section. It’s an easy way for gamers to dial the game to any kind of campaign they want to run. Impressive stuff.