Deadlands Conversion Rules Coming Next Week

Until now, Pinnacle had been sticking to their guns by saying there would be no conversion rules to take original Deadlands across to Deadlands D20. But next Tuesday, Pinnacle will finally relent and give conversion guidelines to players new and old. Shane Hensley described the rules as they’re shaping up so far:

It’s completely dependent on the level of your party. …The new rules we’re polishing up right now take that into account so you can tailor NPCs and monsters to your posses’ relative level. It isn’t exact at the extremes, and you’ll still have to fudge some, but this should help those of you who are new to Deadlands convert some of our classic products to your new Deadlands D20 game. We’re also featuring official translations of some of our key products in future versions of the Epitaph.

This will be one more step toward my Grand Unified RPG, wherein one character can be converted to any game. Though it would be much easier if a GURPS: D20 existed. Hey, I can dream. 😉