Mystic Eye, Thunderhead To Publish Adventures For Dragonstar

Under an agreement with Fantasy Flight Games, Mystic Eye Games and Thunderhead Games will both be publishing adventures for FFG’s science-fantasy d20 System setting, Dragonstar. So FFG will be able to concentrate on the core d20 books they’ve been doing so well with, and two companies that are known for detailed, rich adventures will take on the task of exploring the Dragonstar universe. Well, FFG took over the Lord of the Rings boardgame from WotC, so it’s only fair they hand off something of theirs. Sounds like an excellent combination of resources, actually.

New Battle Cattle Minis, Done Right This Time
Wingnut Games is re-releasing their Battle Cattle miniatures and expanding the product line at the same time. The new lineup will include a Light Cow and a Medium Cow to compliment the Heavy and Extra-Heavy cows that came out last time around. Another change for the better is each cow figure will come with weapons (previously, the weapons packs were sold separately). A weapons pack will also be available, containing 25 weapons the bovine warriors can point at each other. In case you hadn’t heard, the old miniatures had all sorts of distribution problems, packaging errors, and other issues, so this time Perrin Miniatures will be handling the line, and putting them in blister packs rather than those ridiculous baggies the last minis company used. Here’s hoping this release goes better.