WotC Layoffs Strike Again

We’ve been hearing from a number of sources that Wizards of the Coast is having to cut back their number of employees yet again. Reports are estimating anywhere from 80 to 160 planned layoffs. According to official WotC sources, none of this year’s product releases will be affected.

Armies Of The Abyss Preview
Green Ronin is continuing to indulge their unhealthy obsession with all things demonic, as evident by the PDF preview of Armies of the Abyss they’ve just posted. The sample describes demon prince Astaroth in full detail, as well as the Paigoel, “a big nasty demon with 10 arms–and 10 attacks per round!” Hope it uses natural weapons; that many swords would really weigh a guy down.

Godlike: Free At Last?
Having been held up in customs for weeks, putting the game well beyond its original predicted release date, the Godlike mailing list is abuzz with rumors of the book finally clearing the nit-picky gatekeepers of free trade. So, those books should be at Wizard’s Attic, but when I was down there this evening, I didn’t see ’em. I’ll look into it a bit more, and get back to you.