FRAG Deadlands Playtest Report

You know how people die really fast in Frag? They die reeeallllyyyy slllloooowww in Frag Deadlands. All weapons have a lot more luck in them, partially through the classic Deadlands mechanic of the “pull” (take the top card of the deck and check either the value or suit of the poker card it represents), but also through high-powered weaponry malfunctioning if you roll a one.

You know how you roll lots of dice when you fire a weapon in Frag? Yeah. Even one roll of 1 will scotch it for you. Now, I have to admit that I did not stay in the game for long, and that, despite my protests, we played with the more isolationist lots-of-little-rooms map, which always slows things down. Still, though, the game dragged out far too long and frustrated everyone involved. As in vanilla Frag, not much in the game really gives you deep strategic or tactical options. That’s fine when the game goes fast. However, based on my admittedly limited experience of Frag Deadlands, I have to recommend that you stick with the original. Let me know if you strongly object.