Cell Entertainment Plots To Escape Sweden

Normally I wouldn’t report on news like this, but it’s been such a pain in the ass to get my hands on what I see as really exciting product that I was very happy to see this on GamingReport this morning: Cell Entertainment, manufacturers of great minis games like Lab and Ronin War (as well as, yes, some iffier titles), has with Ed Andrews, a game industry veteran apparently known for his distribution and marketing wherewithal. Cell’s stuff is very difficult for most retailers in the US to get, and little has been done to stimulate consumer demand (huh huh, I said “stimulate”). Hopefully this will all change soon. If you play CCGs and are even the slightest bit curious about minis, get yourself a Lab starter as soon as you can. (Update: my Ronin War stuff got primed without injury to stuff, primer, or human facilitators, so I should be able to play and review it soon. Then I will attempt to paint it, and likely be struck down by Odin as retribution for the results. I’ll keep you posted.)