Underworld 2nd Edition Gets Rolling

Adamant Entertainment has announced plans for the second edition of Underworld, the property it acquired from Synister Creative Studios. Underworld Second Edition will relaunch the game with all of the original materials, plus the contents of the first supplement, DownBelow, and various other additions. The new hardcover book is scheduled for release in Fall 2002. Apparently, the reason Adamant didn’t have a booth at GTS last week was that the original Underworld is totally out of stock at the warehouse. Yeah, not much point in a booth if the product’s already gone. 🙂

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #116
This week’s new issue of Roleplaying Tips provides ways to improve your campaign through creative treasures. In my book, any way to reward the characters without just giving them money is a good one — aside from granting godhood or something.