GIDFA Closing Down After Semi-Successful Mission

The Gaming Industry Disaster Fund Auction, founded by Gary Thompson of The Fiction & Fantasy Network, will be shutting down one week from today after a final grace period. Established to raise relief funds for victims of the September 11th tragedy in New York City, the Auction was a rallying point for gamers and industry members wanting to do their part by either contributing or bidding on items. However, things have not gone perfectly of late. In a statement today, Thompson explained why GIDFA was calling a halt:

It is now six months and more since the inception of the GIDFA project, and despite the best efforts of those involved, the project has been only a partial success. The GIDFA fund currently stands at $7,051.44 (roughly £5000) plus £353.02 in UK sterling.

Sadly, many contributors and bidders failed to honour their promises, with the result that the final fund is considerably smaller than had been anticipated. The GIDFA administrators have made strenuous efforts to close as many bids as possible. These efforts have taken up a tremendous amount of time, and have had an adverse affect on the personal lives of some of those involved.

…we are now convinced that those who have chosen continue to disregard their promises will continue to do so no matter what efforts are made by GIDFA staff.

Those who have paid for auction items but not received them should reach Gary before next Wednesday at The Fiction & Fantasy Network. If current estimations stand (and they probably will), GIDFA will fall nearly $9,000 short of what promised bids and donations should have earned. Still, $7,000+ is nothing to sneeze at.