Lost Talisman Characters Found Amidst Rampant Innuendo

If anyone needs another reason to hate Games Workshop, how about this: terminal vagueness. In this article about unpublished Talisman characters (PDF), designer Jervis Johnson keeps talking about “the current edition.” Current? Like, five-years-out-of-print current? More than that? Three-hundred-dollars-on-eBay current? Jeez. So it’s all just mean-spirited teasing about the new edition of Talisman, long rumored and coming… sometime. It’s impossible to pin GW’s website down on anything not happening in the next three weeks, and currently difficult to prove that Battlefleet Gothic ever existed. The only reason I went there in the first place was to confirm that Battlefleet (a starship-combat game I’m interested in due to alleged ease of model assembly and painting, and relative cheapness of building an army) is returning in a new edition in September. Whatever. I guess your site can suck as much as you want when you make more money than anyone else anyway. (I played my first game of Blood Bowl a couple nights ago… that thing’s so much fun, and they’re working on a new version of… Talisman. *sigh* (But now I’m finding vague rantings about a new Blood Bowl! See what I mean? Vagueness, people. Maybe it’s all that contaminated beef over there.))