Warchon Demo Available From Z-Man

With the Warchon PBG at the printers (no, that’s Playmark Book Game, not Peanut Butter and Gummi bears), Z-Man Games wanted to give the gaming community a pre-release taste of the upcoming game system. To that end, a PDF Warchon demo is available for all to peruse. With a little setup of the materials provided, you’ll be able to give the playmark system a test run. Get your bookmark warriors in formation and dogear your opponent into oblivion! (or something like that)

Delta Green D20
Apparently, John Tynes has posted on the WotC messageboards that the next printing of Delta Green will include D20 stats to be compatible with Call of Cthulhu D20. Naturally, the original CoC stats will also be included. No word on a release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.