This Is Sick With A Capital S

The first of the Four Horsemen has been found. In Canada. Some might remember WizKids Games‘ Find the Four Horsemen Contest. The basics of it are that WizKids has made a very few Mage Knight figures of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Wizkids put these figures in its latest Mage Knight expansion, Sinister. Not only are the Horsemen incredibly rare in their own right, but the lucky gamer(s) that gets all four together first and gets a picture taken of them wins an all expense paid trip to Gencon. So what does the Canadian do?

He puts it on eBay. The auction is here. You can draw your own conclusions about Canada.

So the sum of it is that all I have to do to go to Gen Con for free is to buy four $1000 soft plastic figures on eBay?!? I’m so there!

A slight update. Technically, the one on eBay probably isn’t the first. All four have been found in various parts of the country although no one has brought them together as of yet. For more information take a look at MKRealms.