Missing Monsters Returned To Life By Necromancer

After some minor negotiations with WotC, Necromancer Games will publish the D20 supplement Tome of Horrors, a “Compendium of New Monsters and Creatures Converted from First Edition to Third Edition.” The hardcover tome, headed by Creature Collection veteran Scott Greene, will be 300+ pages and will contain the following head count:

  • 292 monsters converted from First Edition
  • 106 brand new monsters
  • 27 monsters collected from various Necromancer Games products

Converted creatures will originate from sources like the original Monster Manual, Monster Manual 2 and the Fiend Folio, plus some from “a number of classic modules.” Each beast will have a layout similar to Creature Collection, and each will be Open Game Content. Necromancer has also worked with WotC to insure there won’t be overlap between the Tome of Horrors and upcoming Wotc monster supplements (like Third Edition’s Monster Manual 2. Watch for memories of grusome deaths to be stirred up again this Fall when the book is expected to release.