Orientation At Necromantic U.

Green Ronin has posted a preview of Secret College of Necromancy, the company’s latest D20 supplement and the second in its Arcana series. Game industry veterans David “Zeb” Cook (he did the original Oriental Adventures, remember?) and Wolfgang Baur (former Dragon Magazine editor), Secret College covers all the best dead topics with the following:

  • New core classes: the necromancer and the death knight.
  • 72 new necromancy spells, amd two new types of spells: mortal curses and dark pacts.
  • New feats and magic items, including 8 infamous tomes.
  • Several new monsters, like the death angel.
  • The Secret College, “a complete, city-based necromantic organization” complete with stats for key members.

The full book will be available at the end of the month, in case the festering four pages of undead preview doesn’t hold you.