Mongoose Monsoon In June

The Mongoose Publishing machine is chugging along at full speed, so D20 players beware. The company’s website has details on the four new releases planned for next month:

We’ll have to see how Gygax’s take on dragons compares to (or compliments) AEG‘s Dragons. Though I enjoyed parts of that book, I was left wanting quite a bit more. Perhaps the father of D&D will deliver what I’ve been waiting for.

Buffy RPG Countdown Continues
As some sort of big, scary episode of the TV series airs this week, Eden Studios has given us another teaser for the upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. This time we get a look at Tara’s character sheet. Add that to the sheet already available for Willow, and can a full-fledged brawl be too far behind? [Umm… a tussle between the sheets maybe… – Mike who is ashamed to say he watches the show]