Judge Dredd RPG Update

The new 2000AD RPG site has been updated with a variety of tidbits. According to the site, the Judge Dredd RPG “has been sighted in some UK games stores and will soon be spreading to Europe. Fans in the US will have to wait just a little bit longer.” Estimates are to watch for the game in the States mid-June. The Rookie’s Guide to the Justice Department has just come back to Mongoose Publishing from the printers, so you can expect it to follow closely on the main rulebook’s heels. The Slaine RPG is in final playtesting now, and should be on target for its August release. The Judge Dredd character sheet is available for perusal. Finally, if you hope to get your hands on a Limited Edition Judge Dredd hardback, “completely encased it in polished stainless steel” and bearing “the classic Judge badge logo on the front,” you’d better get to the site and order it fast — Mongoose is only making 200 of ’em. Only $115 for your bulletproof copy.