Occult Lore Preview

In anticipation of their Occult Lore book for D20, Atlas Games has posted multiple previews of what we’ll get inside. Most recently, information on the Dragonflower, a sort of catnip for dragons, has been posted on the company’s site. Atlas has also made the book’s index available as a teaser of what’s to come, as well as an information sheet for Gleaner characters. What’s a Gleaner? Why, it’s “a new magical PC class that collect remnants of the dead and nurture them until they are able to draw powerful magics from their spirits.” But you knew that, right? Occult Lore should be in stores next month.

Mongoose In July
Mongoose Publishing has posted details of their first two July D20 releases: The Quintessential Dwarf (written by Sam Witt) and The Slayer’s Guide to Rules Lawyers (by James Desborough). Head on over and have a look-see.