PIG Bringing Us The Colonies

Politically Incorrect Games will be releasing of The Colonies, a sci-fi RPG of a future Earth enslaved by aliens, and the fight by human colonies on Mars and elsewhere to liberate the planet. New technologies, freaky mutations, combat against aliens, and space travel: what else could you want in your sci-fi epic? PIG will release The Colonies in PDF format this summer.

Fantasy Flight D20 Shipping News
Fantasy Flight is currently shipping both Traps & Treachery II and the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy, so you can expect these to be in your gamemasters’ hands soon. As to the first book, the latest in FFG’s Legends & Lairs series, here’s hoping your Spot skill, Find/Remove Traps skill, or whatever you use to keep from becoming dead is up to par. As for Dragonstar, I’m not sure what to make of this release. All they’ve really given us as a preview is the starmap of the Dragon Empire, which is nice and all, but doesn’t tell us much. Mike likes to say that maybe Dragonstar will become interesting now that the setting book is finally available. Sure seems like we had to wait a while for it, though.