More Dwarves From Green Ronin

Green Ronin has announced an increased page count for its upcoming Hammer and Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves, bringing the total to 112 pages for $19.95. The book will go into print this week, and be available in July (and the cover has a secret to it I learned of at GTS, but I ain’t telling).

Aside from that, GR’s d20 System Character Record Folio is bring printed yet again, so you should be able to get more copies soon. Heck, it even got nominated for an Origins Award in the Best Game Accessory category, so if you like it that much, give it your vote. Pocket Grimoire Arcane and Pocket Grimoire Divine, the volumes compiling D20 spells from a variety of publishers (including the core books) should be in stores by the end of June, and Secret College of Necromancy looked pretty damn good when I saw it at KublaCon last week. So go get it.

Is This What I Think It Is?
Near as I can tell, Mongoose is following Green Ronin’s lead, but with Prestige Classes. In the company’s release schedule is one Handbook of Prestige Classes – Volume I, which seems likely to be a compilation of said Prestige Classes from various sources. Will these all be from Mongoose Publishing products? Will they be from a variety of publishers, making it even more useful? Or will my guessing be way, way off? We’ll find out as September, the book’s release date, draws closer.