OGL Interlock. Sounds Like Voltron Should Be Involved

Sure enough, I start hinting at something secret Green Ronin was planning related to Hammer and Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves, and they go ahead and spill the beans. Green Ronin Publishing is working together with Paradigm Concepts to bring us OGL Interlock, “a series of related sourcebooks for d20 System.” Starting with Paradigm’s Races of Legend series and Green Ronin’s Races of Renown series, the two companies will be working together to compliment each other’s products. “Both companies decided to do a series of race books at the same time, so rather than go head to head we agreed to work together to cover more ground,” says Chris Pramas, Green Ronin’s main guy. “Now Paradigm is doing a giant book to complement our dwarf book and we’re doing an orc book to complement their elf book. All the books will bear the OGL Interlock logo.”

How else will the books be connected? Why, by the cover art, of course. Each set of complimentary titles will have their cover art done by the same artist, such that lining up the two books next to each other will create a larger scene. The OGL Interlock action begins next month with the aforementioned Hammer and Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves, which Paradigm will compliment with The Lords of the Peaks: The Essential Guide to Giants in August.