Mongoose Has Class(es)

I go out of town for a couple of days, and Mike starts laughing maniacally. Hoo-boy.

Let’s do a little catch-up, shall we?

From listening in to the Mongoose Publishing mailing list, I’ve confirmed suspicions that the September release, The Handbook of Prestige Classes, Volume 1, will contain Mongoose prestige classes right alongside of “the best classes from other publishers as well.” I was wondering when someone was going to do this.

T20 Stands To Be Huge, Despite Lack Of Arnold
Traveller D20 (or T20 for short) has begun reentry (read: it started taking preorders). Originally planned as a 320-pager, gamers can now expect to see T20 reach 448 fun-filled pages (16 in full color) for a mere $44.95 (or even cheaper if you hurry up and preorder). All the aliens, weapons, psionics, vehicles, and star systems you remember will be introduced to the D20 generation. Yes, there will be Prestige Classes, too. A series of PDF and print supplements will follow T20’s arrival, and those who preorder now will receive a free copy of Traveller’s Aide #2: Grand Endeavor. T20 should reach store shelves in late July, so suit up now.

Abusing Mimes For Fun And Profit
Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games has posted a disturbing, but oddly satisfying card game on his personal site for free download. Feel like beating the crap out of some mimes? Hey, who doesn’t? Hence, we have Mime Smashing.

As Of Last Friday…
You should have mailed your one-page D&D3e setting submission to WotC by last Friday. You remember the big prize, right? $120,000 and a chance to be the creator of the next official D&D setting. If you didn’t send your submission in time… well, you screwed up. Sorry.