Judges Guild Moves To Necromancer

June 27th, 2002: Greg Kessler says...
Judges Guild Moves To Necromancer

Judges Guild Moves To Necromancer
Necromancer Games is reporting that starting in January 2003, they will be putting Judges Guild products back into circulation. Bob Bledsaw, owner of Judges Guild, has announced the termination of the Guild’s relationship with QuikLink Interactive as of the end of 2002. QLI had been planning to do the same service for classic Judges Guild products, but has been too busy with Traveller D20. Hunter Gordon of QLI has said he’s “happy to pass the torch to Necromancer Games. We love Judges Guild and think Necromancer will do a great job.”

In a press release, Necromancer Games has announced their intention to update and revise the City State series and the entire Wilderlands campaign setting. Products not reprinted by Necromancer Games will be made available as PDF downloads on a Necromancer-hosted website. Of particular interest is the company’s plan for a City-State of the Invincible Overlord Boxed Set next spring, packed with added tidbits and out-of-print materials. All of which begs the question, where in Faerun is the City-state of the Invincible Overlord located?

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